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Okay, Mom, .... by Leah Jean
Okay Mom,

Hope you have gotten enough love and attention lately because Cindy just called you earlier today and then I called. And now I am feeling like I should put something on this message board. ;-) [Oh, just twist my arm!]

Actually I do happen to have a few tidbits that I wished to impart to all you viewers. And they are a little ... ahem ... "interesting".

First of all, I played "laser tag" for the first time last Wednesday! I could tell you the whole circumstances, but to tell the truth, its a little depressing. :-( Actually the upper hierarchy in my government group had a reorganization and some technical changes, so several of us contractors did not have our contracts renewed for October. And several govt people were going to be shifted to other groups too. So our govt boss (who hadn't had a whole lot of a say in the situation) felt really bad about the whole thing. He wanted to make it up to us and apparently he'd heard that laser tag is a great way to have fun. So he talked a bunch of us into showing up for a few matches ... and it was all paid for by our "soda fund" (someone in our group bought and sold snacks and we ended up with a lot of profit to spend). Okay, I can handle some laser tag matches and plenty of food and drink for free to make up for being let go.

And the laser tag was really cool!!! Can you imagine a bunch of adults in a variety of ages and physical conditions (yes, we had several people who were not light on their feet) wearing "lazer detector packs" around our upper torsos and carrying futuristic looking lazer guns? It was all done indoors in a fairly large darkened room that had several walls and ramps of varying widths and heights you could use to hide behind. And to make the laser beams show up, mist was pumped in through the ceiling. So we could actually see where we were aiming ... and you could see that someone was about to be shot because they had the tell-tale beam and red dot bouncing around on their body. Cooool! One really good thing was that they didn't let you run during a match so everyone was more on an equal basis. But then some of us were a little more spry then others. ;-)

Another interesting aspect of the game was that each participant had to pick an "alias" which was used instead of our personal names and for delivering statistic after each game. [Everyone got a printout showing how they did, who they shot, and their final scores.] I had real trouble picking a name, but everyone sure laughed at me when they heard what I picked ... especially my deputy chief. She said she died laughing when she saw "Killer" on my waiver sheet. [Yes, you had to sign a waiver before you could participate.] In fact, the woman running our group called out all alias when assigning lazer packs and teams ... and everybody roared with laughter when they heard mine. They all think that I am such a quiet sweet little thing. [Some of you know better.] A few fellow players did find out during the matches that I take my games very seriously. ;-)

All in all, it was a blast (no pun intended). I'd recommend that anybody who has a group of about 20 people and a reputable laser tag facility in your area partake! Even though we got sad news inbetween the matches, we went away with a few grins and some good tales. And it is just amazing what happens to people when they get a kid's toy in their hands! And a few of us did experience some sore muscles afterwards too. I had a small warning spasm from my back later that day. I did do a lot of bobbing and weaving to avoid being shot. ;-)

Oh, and the other partially good news ... we finally got rain after about two months of drought. And, brother, did we get it! Our immediate area got about 7-8 inches of rain in two days! And have I mentioned before that we like those hurricanes when it gets dry up here? Well, Tammy's remnents definitely did the trick. There were flood warnings going around the state and they even evacuated some people who lived below a dam because it was getting way too full. At least the grass is starting to turn green again where it hasn't been watered.

The problem with all the rain and wind though was that we had a leak in our house through a window frame. Daryl later looked after the rain had subsided for the cause and noticed that the caulking around our windows looked shot. Good grief. And the house is only about 5 years old! Sigh.

It's gettin' late and my fingers are gettin' tired.



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