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Letter from Dad by Margaret Downs
Here's a letter from Dad he gave me to type up for you guys:

Hi everyone:

Meg's here to visit me and all is well in the world. Feeling fine. Have not written anything this week, taking a short break to study Chinese with my Chinese Malaysian teacher and to read French literature from my mini-library. Mandarin is lots of fun, the book Nick brought is "hun how", very good. My teacher is Peter from Kawala Lumpur, here for credit card fraud, we have a good arrangement. I teach him basic computer skills at the PC room on Wednesdays and he spends a half hour or so each evening with me going over Chinese. Afternoons I sit and read a French fashion magazine with a dictionary and note pad, writing down new words. Next week I'll start French novel, maybe something by Andre Gide.

No idea how many stories I've written over the past 20 months, maybe 100 or so, plus 2/3 of a novel, so I'm pausing a bit and waiting for reactions, please tell me what you like. More science fiction is on the way to you plus stories about Reggie of "Spook Light" fame, more Africa stories and 100 pages or so of the "Escape from the Arab Jail" novel. Warm thanks to Jennie and Aunt Janell for typing, your feedback is welcome. Many thanks to those helping to get me home,I think we'll soon see results from your wonderful efforts. In an effort to "help myself" I'm writing about 10 letters a week to media, publishers etc, as much as my stamp budget allows. Thank you for hanging in there with me and get ready for more stories.

All my love,
John D


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