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Another letter from Dad by Margaret Downs
Dad gave me another letter to email out but he didn't say who to send it to. So I'll post it here!

Hi everyone.

Just got letters from Mom with funny photos of Tom and Nick as they packed the old truck. Many thanks to Leah and the Benton family, will write to them this weekend.

Got a funny quote for you. The American writer Gertrude Stein was living in Paris with her girlfriend Alice Tokles when the Nazis invaded and Paris fell. As Jewish lesbians they decided to flee (good idea ladies) and waited out the war in a little cabin in the French Alps. After D Day they were visited by US Troops from the 45th Infantry and Stein wrote:

"How we talked that nite, the soldiers brought all America to us, every bit of it they came from Colorado, lovely Colorado, I do not know Colorado but the way I feel about it love Colorado...."

That's Stein's punctuation by the way, not mine. So Meg is here and I feel she's brought all America to me, all the scale and bigness, all the freedom, the wisdom and the decency of the place. It will be great having her here this summer. Thank you Meg and everyone in the family for their patience and support.


John Downs


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