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Hello to Judy by Janell Rose
Judy, I am just like you - I come to this spot over and over. No one showing up and I really hate to be the only one writing - so I stay off. You made me feel I should write tho - so will fill you in a little on what has been going on with us. We haven't been having a lot of fun - in fact been far, far too busy for two SR Citizens. I try to not fit in that category but feeling it more these days. I think you know that we had a contractor do work inside our house in April and May and I have been trying to paint all the walls after they left. Well, I did well for a month or so and then have totally quit. Painting inside at least. (I will try to get back to before Christmas.) I say before Christmas because in October - if I feel better next week, I am going to try and paint outside on one side of our Bedroom, Den and the back Gable of the house. I would probably have had that done - but I took one dickens of a Fall last week and been having a lot of back pain, neck pain and the arm with the torn rotator cuff is really giving me the dickens. So, I thought better stay off the ladder a few days. The week before - I did get the back outside wall of the bedroom painted (before the fall.) This painting is a "long story." I hired a painter to paint the outside of house, he lives about 2 blocks from us. He did a beautiful job painting the front entry area one day, another day he painted the area around the garage doors and the shutters over the brick beside the living room window. The 3rd. day - he decided to spray the front gable and one side eve (is that what you call it) and watered down the 5 gallon bucket of paint I paid $103. for so would go through the sprayer. I feel like that area of the house was "white washed" rather than painted. Anyway - he painted 3 days out of 2 1/2 weeks because he has a problem and needs to be attending his AA meetings more often. He is really the nicest man, his intentions are wonderful and I think he would do almost anything for you - but it just did not work out. So, he is not coming back and I need to get this job finished before cold weather - the house needs the paint to protect it before we go through another winter. So - I stopped painting inside of house and we still have one totally piled bedroom from the earlier remodeling. And, we have company coming this Friday. My Brother and family are coming Friday and staying till Sunday - on way to Oklahoma to see both sets of their parents. I have to clean house before Friday. Jr. and Andy are in and out so many times a day - I am constantly cleaning Cypress leaves, etc. from floor and carpets. Andy comes through his dog door looking like a "Brillo" pad - that cypress just sticks to his curly hair. Outside, Jr. has torn up a good portion of our wooden deck and has been mixing concrete in his wheel barrow and pouring some small sections - we are both going to get out there after the 15th. and put down the brick pave stones on his concrete area. This will not be one of those jobs where you have to put down all the spacers and caulking - I don't think we are up to that. So - you can see we have been busy.

Carolyn came by on Wed. Nite the 5th. and spent the night - went on to Austin on Thursday to set up for Texas State Parks EXPO on Sat. and Sunday. She stayed overnight in Austin on Sunday and left at 6:00 A.M. Came back by Irving for a couple hours (we had kept her dog while she went to EXPO) Eileen and the Girls were on Fall Break - so they came over and we had a wonderful 2 hour visit before Carolyn had to leave to get the TX State Park Truck back to Caprock Canyon by closing time. Carolyn had that truck loaded down with Natural Display Items for the EXPO - she brought in to show JR - one of the cleanest, whitest, Bison Skulls you ever saw. This was a decendant of the Molly Goodnight Texas State Bison Heard. She said everyone one of these are Catalogued and Tagged. She also had the tanned skin, plants, etc. Natural items from the Canyon.

Our little visit with Carolyn, Eileen and the Girls was not near enough time together - but sure enjoyed as short as it was. Last Friday - I went out to Keller and picked up Caty and Jaclyn, took them to lunch and we went shopping in the afternoon, but had to get them back in time for Friday night High School Football game. Spending the time with them was great and I can hardly believe they are 14 and 16. They are so busy - we rarely see them as school, Swimming and Basketball occupy all their time and Eileen's Teaching Job is keeping her totally busy.

When I say, I hope to get the inside painting done before Christmas - I have to take some time off in November to have Arthoscopic surgery on my left knee - Dr. said the right knee has to be replaced - but that is not going to happen till next year. I have too much to get done, have been hobbling with it for years - think I can keep on a little longer.

Jr. is going weekly for (4) B12 Shots - after a month he will get (1) a month for a year. He had really not felt well this summer and is feeling better since the shots began - not to mention he is enjoying this cool weather. We have been wanting to go to Caprock Canyon State Park to see Carolyn since she went out there in Feb. and think we are going on the Friday 21st. and probably come back on Monday. So now Judy - you know that we are still out here. Think of everyone often and wonder what you are doing. Maybe someone else will sit down and tell us how your Summer went. Love to All, JR and Janell


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