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Work Work Work by James Deming
Hello all - Just stopped in for a minute to say Hi. I have been working working working, and working some more lately, with not much time for anything else.

Work at Metlife has been busy - I have been studying to take a test for additional license called the Series 24 - it is a difficult license to get, but will be well worth it when it comes time to post for better positions within Metlife. We are coming up on the end of the year and taxtime, so it will contine to get more hectic.

I have also taken a part-time job as a waiter with a bed and breakfast called Jarrett Farms. I have been working an evening or two a week and Sunday brunch. I took the part time job to earn additional money towards a decent Honeymoon for Courtney and I. Courtney has also taken a part-time job as a tutor with a local tutoring service to save for a honeymoon as well.

When I am not working at either of those jobs, I continue to work on my web projects hoping someday to turn them into something.

Sunday after brunch I was able to take a few moments to mow the back yard and do some digging. I don't know if I have inherited the Rose green thumb, but I do enjoy working in the yard when the weather is not too hot. Right now I am just concentrating on planting a decent fescue lawn in the back yard, and keeping the weeds out of the front flowerbed.

The wedding plans are moving along, when Courtney is not working she eats, sleeps, and breathes "Wedding". We have the places nailed down, the caterer hired, the DJ, the cake, the Dresses all lined up. We will be looking at invitations next. I had no idea what a project this was going to be.

Anyway, back to work work work.

Love you all,

James Deming


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