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Hello Dear Family,

Greetings on this beautiful fall day! I LOVE this time of year, and I'd love it even more if I had a "yard boy" for the leaves which are beginning to fall. Too bad we didn't have enough rain this summer to have the beautiful color. I always look forward to the rosy glow from the Maples and Dogwood in my backyard, which created an almost "nother world" for a brief time. So, I'll settle for little color and ache while I rake. *sigh*

Leah Jean, congratulations on turning 50, even if the thought does fall hard on my ears. I'd rather not be reminded that my "little niece" can now join AARP......and qualifies to have a colonoscopy. EEK! That, too, was a terrible reminder since it's my year for another. I gag just thinking about it. Honey, you haven't seen nothin' yet! I remember, as a young child, listening to Mom's neighbors talking about their ailments and I swore I'd never be a party to that when I was older. Welllllllllll.......what can I say?

Janell, the meatloaf sounds delicious. I'll copy it and try it someday when I'm particularly ambitious to cook. Most of my cooking is slapdash anymore......slap something together that can be made in a dash. It's gotten pretty boring, but I know what you mean about fall bringing on the desire for cozy kitchen scents and comfort food. I just can't afford to get too comfortable, since the pounds seem to stay put anymore. Another *sigh*!

How do we approach the possibility of a family get-together? It seems the past year plus the wind has been taken from our sails. After Tom's death and then after Bill's death, it wasn't even thinkable. Even now, the very thought of a family reunion, for me, seems lonely to plan. Until the Downses have some resolution in their lives, I suppose it best we just see one another in an impromptu fashion......unless, of course, some of you have an idea about it. At any time, any and all of you are welcome to come here.

The day beckons! Oh yes! I'm loving having to call the dentist to get a cracked tooth repaired! Oh well, I didn't know what else I was going to do with that money! Ha!

Have a wonderful day - go outside and sneeze! :)

Much love to all,


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