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I just hate having to fill in subject lines! by Leah Jean
Hey Janell, the meatloaf recipe sounds scrumptious! Too bad Daryl isn't a big red meat eater. The only time he eats it is in the form of a nice steak or on a taco. He usually won't even eat hamburgers. But he may have to give up on his usual favorite of chicken if the bird flu comes to town!

And speaking of "recipes", brother have I got a good one for [Faux] Sponge Cake.
1 can of frosting of whatever kind and make. Don't really care about the flavor. Just make sure it spreads on good.
A few candles or other cake decorations.
1 rock about 1" in diameter.
An appropriately sized round or square piece of foam rubber.

Put the rock in the middle of the foam to give it some weight. [Actually I would recommend several smaller rocks put in various locations.] Put it on a cake plate. Apply frosting liberally all over. Add cake decorations as desired. In fact, you might want to make the frosting and/or decorations look a little amateurish. Take "cake" to a party or office and tell the people that one of your kids baked it. Then invite someone else to cut the cake up. Then sit back and try to keep a straight face!!! Yes, it got pulled on me too. It is so funny, because I didn't want to say anything about the consistency of the cake while trying to get the knife thru it! I even hit the rock in the middle once [I thought that there were some kind of supports because the cake was 3 layers.] And the people who pulled it on me were good actors ... the little rats!

One last note on the cake. Make sure you get creamy frosting that can be reshaped because you can keep repairing the frosting and get another sucker to try and cut it. Hopefully they won't try to cut in the same place as someone else.

Oh, and Sandra, we are kind of planning a mini-reunion at your house on Thanksgiving. Henry said that you had put out an invitation to all "in town" and Cindy, Jeff, myself, Henry, with assorted kids and spouses are planning on being "in town". So consider your house to be in a state of seige that day!



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