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Judy & Hank's EMail by Janell Rose
Judy, I sent my 4th EMail to you today and it came back again. Nothing I send gets through - the EMail address must have a different digit or something. Please check and put the correct one on RoseNose for all of us. I wrote a very long EMail to You and Hank because we have just gotten back from a trip to Carolyn's - while we were at Caprock Canyons area - she took us to that wonderful Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (advertised as "Texas' Largest History Museum" and we saw "Woody Crumbo" Art I was trying to tell Hank about. Beautiful "Spirit Horse." I am sure you are familiar with this piece of Art. In fact, I am wondering if you do not have this Limited Print? So if you give us correct address I will try again. Janell


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