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Yo gang!

Sorry it took me a little longer to get back to you all but I wanted to check with my hubby the Computer Guru and Geek before I said anything on line.

This has to do with putting e-mail addresses out in the "open" on a web site. I was a little leery of doing that when you first mentioned that, Patricia. Rosenose is not a password protected web site, so just any turkey can come in and look through our writings. [So you really don't want to write anything here that you wouldn't worry about announcing to the world. And I literally mean The World!] The main point, is that I didn't want to put my personal e-mail address out there in the wild blue yonder. It could possibly open up my site to who knows what e-mails. And I've already gotten a virus on my machine once .... and Daryl had to completely cleanse and reload my computer system because the software virus was too deeply embedded to just delete.

Daryl also mentioned something about "snoop" software that some people use to go out and acquire info from web sites. He said it is capable of coming back with e-mail addresses that can then be added to span (junk mail) sending sites. Sooooo I'm sorry, but it is probably not a good idea to put out e-mail addresses on Rosenose. You might just want to invest in some initial phone calls to obtain addresses.

Oh, and Mom, you no longer have Gorilla as your internet provider so that address you put on the Rosenose web site is no longer any good. [Janell, that's why your letters were not being answered.] In fact, the company Gorilla doesn't provide that kind of service anymore. You probably don't remember, but we figured that out last time I was at home. Dad is getting you internet access through another service now. Unfortunately, I don't know what your home address is now .... but then I wouldn't want to put it out thru Rosenose anyway. :-)

Just thought that I would clear up a few things!

Love ya all!


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