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The Mystery of the Missing Mice Mobility by Leah Jean
Okay. I had some fun with this subject line. :-)

This "case" all began several months ago. In fact, I was sure that I had mentioned this in Rosenose before. But I went back and double checked my previous messages .... and apparently I had not. Oh well. Better late than never.

But it all occured when I was out sick for a few days at my previous job. It was kind of funny that I had gotten sick that day of all days because some of us already had a running joke about Wednesdays ... because some of us in the group had regular weekly meetings on those afternoons. [Some of us liked to groan when our group's deputy chief actually showed up and had one of those meetings.] So I was suspected of being a slacker when I called in sick that Wednesday morning. But I was pretty sick because I managed to loose a couple of pounds over the next few days. It was a rather nasty case of the intestinal flu. [But the silver lining in the cloud being that it did start me on a trend of loosing weight.] :-)

My deputy chief, etc. did stop suspecting me of being a slacker though when I didn't show up Thursday either.

But enough about my health issues. When I got back to work that Friday morning, I turned on my computer, watched it boot up normally, and then went to do some work on it. I kept moving my mouse but the little cursor on the screen didn't budge. This usually leads one to start checking out the wire between the mouse and the computer because a lot of times a foot will accidentlly kick the wrong spot. But nope, I didn't feel any loose connectors. Tried the mouse again just to see if I had somehow managed to get a connection working again though. Weeeeeeell, the cursor moved ever so slightly. Hmmmmmm. I figured either my mouse was broken. Or there was also the possiblity that some big piece of dirt was lodged in it. [Okay, that's a bit of a stretch.] Well, I proceeded to turn my mouse over to inspect the insides ...... and lo and behold ...... some Turkey had stuck a small piece of tape over the bottom of my mouse so the little ball could no longer move! Grrrrrrr. I removed the tape and the mouse moved the cursor just fine again.

But let's get to the full extent of this heinous crime! Not only was my mouse's mobility impaired, but (supposedly) everybody else's mouse in our group had also been assaulted and battered! And it had happened Wednesday night so I'd missed the first day of mayhem. I was one of the lucky ones though because I'd found the problem fairly quickly. There was at least one person who was beside herself with trying to figure out what was wrong with her computer! [Since we were such a sweet group of little monsters, almost no one warned anybody else that their mice was immobilized.] The perpetrator or perpetrators were pretty gutsy too. They'd even taped the mice of our group's chief and deputy chief!

So when I got back to work, the hunt had already begun to find the perpetrators. And as expected, the suspects ranged from the people in our group, to people in our neighboring group. Good grief. ;-) But it appeared that the juvenile delinquents knew how to keep a secret. It was kind of funny because some people even suspected our chief of being the culprit because he was one of the last people to leave Wednesday night. I kind of doubted that though. Fortunately I didn't count because I was sick the whole time. Whew!

But I just couldn't let sleeping blood hounds ... er ....dogs lie. Since I'd just been pretty sick for the past few days, I sent out an interesting e-mail to the people in our group Friday morning. It explained to whomever had taped my mouse, that he or she might be in for a nasty surprise. I merely explained that I had just come back from a rather nasty case of the intestinal flu. And anyone touching my mouse was probably exposed to the same germs that I'd just succumbed to. So I started discussing my symptoms and warning this person that he or she could start feeling sick soon! I also said that if anybody called in sick next Monday, they would be highly suspected of being a perpetrator! A few people got a good chuckle out of my e-mail. One guy even referred to it as "germ warfare".

But I never found out who the perpetrator or perpetrators were until after I had been discontinued as a contrator on the job due to our group's reorganization. Remember the e-mail I put out several weeks ago about our old group getting together for a laser tag event? Well, the guy who had taped my mouse finally told me that he and another guy did the dirty deeds. And he did tell me that he was "sweating a little" for a few days after reading my "germ warfare" e-mail. And he even thought once that he was showing symptoms. But alas, no. Oh well. Even the littlest of revenges can be soooooo sweet! :-)

May you all have a happy life!


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