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Spammers by Sandra
After just deleting 126 items of spam from Rosenose this morning, my mouse is heated up. How disgusting to see the items and I'm sorry that your eyes have to see such vulgarity. The spammers have taken to using ordinary words, such as "hello", and cannot be screened out without screening out legitimate messages from family members. James, Courtney and I check Rosenose, off and on, all day to delete the trash. Seems to be no good ideas to prevent it without closing down Rosenose and starting all over. Suggestions?

Beautiful day today, but everything is wet outside. Due to the weather and other annoying distractions, we won't be enjoying tomatoes by the 4th of July this year. Bummer! We do have an abundance of lettuces, too much for us to handle. Come and help us enjoy it!

Who's planning a trip to Eureka Springs in June?



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