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Yes, I did do a stupid thing by putting my e-mails out on the web, but the thing I wanted all of you to do was to e-mail me at my address shown on the website. That way, all I would have to do to get my address book up-to-date would be to save sender's address. I was just being lazy. Oh well, seems I never get on the computer anymore at home. Just too lazy...dozzzzzzzzzzzzz ......

Sybil, Julie and all you dear ones.

WE are so worried and concerned about the goings on with J. W. He is always in my thoughts and prayers as you are too. Please take care of yourself Sybil. It will all be OK. OK? He will have such and exciting story for the "round table" someday soon.

Love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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