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HAPPY BIRD DAY!!! by Sandra
Hi all you wonderful peoples,

May you be enjoying beautiful sunshine and getting your Vitamin D!

Leah, much to my dismay, your sweet family won't be coming to Pryor for Thanksgiving. Your Mother said she "just would not have it!!!!" I've dragged my heels hoping to change the course of events, but I talked to her again and she is adamant. I think she's remembering when you five were little and how hard it was to round you up and load the car. I suppose I should have listened to her the first time.........In the interim I lopped off part of my thumb while working in the garden, which assured me the moons were aligned in her favor. We won't be joining you, but if we should ramble your way, we definitely will pop in for a hug.

Our weather is simply magnificient. It's a "look up day".......because to do otherwise is to see more leaves than I can manage. A good North wind would solve the problem. From the south I can see my neighbor's maples watching me for a chance to invade now that I've cleaned up my "own leaves" out front. I never really thought about "my leaves" and "their leaves" until I had (and have) a neighbor next door who doesn't have trees in her front yard. I try to hide when she is raking, because I get the impression she thinks we should all come over and claim OUR leaves. Anal neighbors are so entertaining.

Have a wonderful Bird Day!!! We'll be counting you in our blessings and hope to see you all real soon.

Love you all,


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