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Fat Thursday by Leah Jean
Yes, I'm making a word play on Mardi Gras (French for "Fat Tuesday"). "Fat Thursday" seems more appropriate, eh? And hopefully I won't follow suit. Personally I would be happy with just a nice big salad and then some goodies for dessert. ;-) I've gotten over the idea of having large meals that you gorge on for several hours.

Yeah, Sandra, I talked to Mom and got the word from her. Got to admit, I wasn't just really thrilled at doing more traveling after going thru the Thanksgiving airport traffic.

Mom and Dad will have plenty to deal with since Jeff, Cindy, and her kids will be invading their territory. Daryl and I will be staying at my favorite hotel as usual. Daryl was happy to hear that they have an exercise room. It just depends on how much running around I do as to whether I partake also.

Rats. And I was really looking forward to making a mess of your house, Sandra. Sigh. ;-)

Your loving niece,

p.s. Mom, I called Jeff and Jodi isn't coming. She's staying home to be with Tee who has a very short vacation time.


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