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update by Julie Van Woy
Hello all. Nance and kids have settled in to ma's house and ma is staying with us for now. Thomas started school and is doing great and Nance is job, house, and car hunting. Nick came in today for the holiday--he and his foot-long goatee!
We received our first real words from John Wesley; he was able to phone a friend who sent the message to us by email. Following are a couple of choice pieces.
"Hi everyone, I'm doing fine, everything is OK. I'm studying hard every morning for about two hours and working out in the afternoon, the days are passing quickly. I'm in great physical shape running about two miles a day and studying text books and making good progress and I have a good legal case. I'm being treated well and there is good food. My bail might be available to me Dec
4, I hope to see the lawyer next week. Nick: I love you sweetheart and I hope you're enjoying your semester. I'm studying scismic theory and geology of Arabia every day for two hours. If you could do me a favor it's very important. Can you do some geological research and learn to use geologic department computer reference system and look up geological articles on Qatar and find me pictures that show well logs and print them. Everyone: I love you all very much and I'd love to hear from you all especially mom. You can send the lawyer a fax or email and ask him to print it out and bring it to me. I'm feeling very strong and optimistic, I'm even studying French! This is just like graduate school except that there are no girls and no beer!


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