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Happy Late Thanksgiving by Janell Rose
Late, Late, but still wanted to tell everyone we hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day and weekend. We had a wonderful time - except for poor JR. He tried very hard to enjoy all the family and food even tho he had 3 days of a very bad headache. On Tuesday, he put a wood protection on the deck which seemed to have excessive fumes. Just over a year ago he had to go to emergency with a severe headache and upset stomach from working with a stripping product in the garage - he felt much the same way this week. He is thinking now - it was the fumes again - altho this time he was out in open air. He said the product was old and may have become more concentrated. I know it went all through the house. Tuesday was a very warm day, I went to the grocery store, when I got back and walked through the front door, the fumes were very strong. He felt better Friday and today, but has been taking it easy. In fact we both have - everyone left this morn. About 4:00 P.M. I took a hot bath, put on PJ's, robe and sat down to catch up on newspapers and mail from the past 3 days.

Carolyn came in from Turkey Wed. with a 40 LB. Box of beautiful sweet potatoes from her area, John and Zach had arrived from College Station a couple hours before Carolyn. Eileen and Family arrived around 6:00 and Eileen brought dinner Wed. Eve. as I had been cleaning house and making pies.

Thanksgiving Day Carolyn and I took Pies, Sweet Potato Casserole, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce and Corn Salad to Eileens, she cooked the Turkey, Rolls, Greenbeans and Salad. Beautiful Table and far too much to eat. Friday we were all back to our house in Irving for Ham Dinner. Now - I need to lose 10 Lbs. Friday - only the Teenagers wanted to go get in those crowds, we just had a nice long day of visiting.

The news from Eureka Springs was wonderful - it was great to hear from John and it is so encouraging to know that he has access to books and the outdoors for exercise. We just pray that this is going to be over very soon and our thoughts and concerns have been continually with this dear family.

Again, hope all are well and we will have a pleasant opportunity to be together before too long. It is going to be very quiet at our house Christmas - we do not look forward to these lonesome Holidays, but we have to "Share" with other familes. We are extending a welcome invitation to all that would come and fill these 3 bedrooms. Plus, an air mattress. Unless we can persuade any/all of you - Jr, Andy and I are going to be rattling around in this house by ourselves Christmas.

Love to All, JR. and Janell


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