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I made it back! by Leah Jean
Good post-Thanksgiving to everyone! Poor Janell. Sounds like the hubby didn't fare so well. Maybe the stripper was a little too old and had broken down into something even nastier as far as fumes are concerned. At least it sounds like you did have a good "Fat Thursday". Julie, it is also great to hear some good news from Wesley! Keep those notes coming!

Daryl and I are not real fond of Southwest Airlines right now. Both ways we had to make an extra stop in Kansas City, Missouri. That means we had 3 take-offs and landings (Chicago also) to endure each way of our round trip. By the time we got home we were pretty stinkin' tired! We can't help wondering if Southwest just forgot to mention on their web page about that extra landing and takeoff. Hmmmmm. I usually have a stopover in St. Louis, Missouri. Maybe I just haven't taken the Chicago route in a long time. I was really surprised at how many people travel between Tulsa and Kansas City. At least Daryl and I got some pretty descent pizza at the Chicago airport for dinner. Go figure. ;-)

Yes, we had a good Thanksgiving too. Of course, Mom and Dad were busy in the kitchen when Daryl and I arrived Wed. But for the turkey and stuffing, Cindy and Jeffrey pretty much took over the kitchen. And I tell you what ... Jeff cooks a mean turkey! We were all very pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. I may have to look at cooking bags again. Henry did his share by bringing in takeout for Wednesday evening. I just helped with the dishes. I started out doing them, but Mom finally wheddled her way in. You just can't keep a good woman out of her kitchen for long! But then there were so many dishes to wash ... especially since Mom and Dad are soooooo old fashioned and refuse to mess with the dishwasher. But then the thing is pretty old, but still in good condition because it has been rarely used.

The real hero of the trip was Jeffrey though. Apparently Mom and Dad have been having troubles getting hot water out of their kitchen tap for ages. Jeff took a look and said that whoever installed the system did some goofy routing of the pipes. So he went under the house and fixed it!!! So Mom and Dad had a real treat with very quick and constant hot water for Thanksgiving! Jeff is just sooooo cool! He can cook and do plumbing. [But then he is literally a master plumber, so it helps.] I did have to hesitate a little when I gave him his first hug though. He'd just come from under the house and had dirt ALL OVER HIM! I managed to suck-in my sense of cleanliness and hug him anyway. Hey, I'd just been on a long-a** stupid plane ride so I wasn't all that fresh myself. ;-) Fortunately Daryl is not averse to dirt at all so he had no trouble giving Jeff a good handshake. But then Daryl just bought a mountain bike recently and came home the other day quite mud spattered. He also had some rather bruised knees from falling over. The problem is that you actually strap your feet onto the peddles of a mountain bike. So if you are going over something like a log, it is difficult to get the feet loose to catch yourself if you loose your balance!

Cindy brought her brood with her. Julia her daughter is looking very good. Forgot to ask her how her first year at college is doing though. [Oh well, I was distracted by too many other things.] Bobbie, Cindy's youngest is growing into quite a young man. I'm sure Cindy is very proud of her kids because they are both good looking and smart! But then both of those traits seem to be pretty common in the Rose and Tankersley families. :-)

I did have to grin when Mom, Cindy, Julia, and I got into a discussion on makeup, body piercings, and tatoos. Good grief. I was kind of the middle ground while Mom was the conservative and Cindy and Julia were the liberals. I don't wear hardly any makeup and I certainly don't want any tatoos on my body! But if that's what anybody else wants to do, have it. We didn't really worry too much about Julia's nose "earring". Good grief. At least Julia hadn't seriously consider one through her tongue due to medical reasons (they have a tendency to get infected and apparently the holes don't heal well if you quit wearing the earring.) Ugh.

So while Jeffrey and Cindy took over the kitchen, Daryl and I took the kids and ran over to the movie theater to catch the latest Harry Potter film. I'd already seen it once and really enjoyed it. Also Julia had brought a friend with her who'd also seen the movie before but wanted to see it again. Even my husband enjoyed the film and he has never read any of the books ... but has seen all the previous films. When married to me, he knows that is considered a spousely duty! [I am a very big fan of the Harry Potter books.] It is a very action packed film that kept even Daryl awake this time. Unfortunately Bobbie ate a little too much popcorn so he wasn't real hungry for Thanksgiving dinner. But I'm sure he indulged in a lot of the leftovers after Daryl and I left Friday. Oink! Ah, to be a young and still growing child. Instead of an older adult fighting the constant "Battle of the Bulge".

Well, it is time to get back to reality and go check the laundry again. Ah, it is good to be home again though. Sigh.

Love ya all!


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