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Southwest by Jackie
Leah, it sounds like you had a real "homecoming" Thanksgiving. That is what we did this year and except for Jr. having a headache - it was wonderful. Especially nice to have John, Carolyn and Zach together since two of them are in College Station and one in Turkey (appro. name for Thanksgiving) Carolyn is in the process of buying a house and will be residing in Quitaque after December - which will be only about 2 - 3 miles from the entrance of the Caprock Canyons State Park. We visited and talked fast as we could starting Wed. Evening and up until they drove away Sat. Morn. Even Andy - he is a little Cairn Terrier - Carolyn has a HUGE Australian Shepherd Mix - beautiful dog but really like a big bear. You are too young to know "Mutt & Jeff' but that is the way they compare. Carolyn had "Maggie" in the back seat getting ready to leave, Andy hopped in and laid down by her - he was going on a trip till we had to pull him out of the car.

I wanted to tell you that you may have been caught in some of Southwest Flight rescheduling. It was just approved in Nov. that Southwest could fly to Missouri. We have had this stupid Jim Wright Law that prevents Southwest from flying any where direct from Dallas except OK, LA and AR until this November. They are battling it out and waiting for answer from Washington trying to repeal the law and let them "fly free" of restraints. American Airlines is fighting terribly to keep the restraints. The law was put in effect when the new DFW Airport opened 25 years ago to force all long flights to fly out of DFW and leave Love Field. Southwest stayed at Love Field Airport. We hope it will all be repealed. Not that we will be flying that much anymore - but an example: A few times a year Southwest runs a $99. one way special anywhere they fly. If it were not for the Jim Wright law, Jr. and I could fly to Phoenix to go see my Brother and family for $400. for both of us. Because of the law, we have to buy a ticket to Amarillo, then another to Phoenix for each of us - so instead of $400. it cost $800. (Or if a Fare Special is not on - a lot more than that.) Dallas is the ONLY city affected by this law - you could drive to Austin, leave your car and both fly for $400. But who wants to drive 3 1/2 hours to Austin. Even tho, I know people that do so when they want to go on a long flight and the Fare Special is in effect. So much for this - just thought since Missouri was involved it possibly involved the new rescheduling. When this passed in Nov. American had to drop their round trip fares to MO over $300. So they are going to feel it.

Glad you are back safe, hope Jeff had a safe trip. We are hearing some rough weather reports and looks like snow moving into the Panhandle, Carolyn may see some snow, she is supposed to be "Dutch Oven" Cooking for the Park Rangers at the Annual Deer Hunt in the Canyon this week. May not be fun. Best Wishes to All, JR. and Janell


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