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Thanks, "Jackie"! by Leah Jean
Hey Janell, thanks for the info on the airlines. That explains a lot. I had a feeling that with gas getting higher and the usual problem airlines have, Southwest hay have done some last minute consolidating. I'll have to show your e-mail to Daryl. It is kind of funny, because someone was telling me about the weird Southwest situation in Texas sometime over the holiday season. Can't remember who told me that though. Maybe Henry during a family session ... when I was telling about our goofy Southwest crew on the way to Tulsa. Maybe the crew knew that a lot of people were going to be annoyed at the extra stop so they hammed it up a bit. When a flight attendant was going thru the usual "holiday overloaded luggage" spiel ("please do not put coats into luggage compartments until others have put bags into them", etc.) he added a little extra. He started naming off all kinds of bags and items that could be put under the seat in front of you ... and then at then end he added "small children" (Daryl thought that he said something like "annoying children" though)! Daryl and I both laughed! I think most of the people didn't catch it though because his list was sooooo long. I remember being caught up in trying to figure out all the different kinds of luggage he was listing. Good grief. And then there was the time we landed in Tulsa. Because the planes were crammed to the gills (only one of the 6 flights had empty seats) the planes were coming in kind of fast to counteract the weight and the winds. Well this flight came in fast and the pilot really slammed on the brakes when we touched down. Well the flight attendant over the intercom started saying (with a cowboy accent) like "Whoa, Bessie!" and then he started making neighing sounds. Daryl and I both got a big kick out of it. I think it is the first time I've ever heard someone be so goofy over a plane intercom. It made for great stories around the family tables anyway.

So we did have some fun in spite of having to takeoff and land several times. At least we got to change planes at Chicago the one time so we didn't have to sit on the planes and wait for passengers to deplane and board for every extra stop. Geez.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the flights back to Baltimore were rather boring.

Love ya all!


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