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Southwest by Janell Rose
This Southwest Airlines situation is almost a "war" in our area. Today's news said Southwest should make about 80 Million with recent changes - then American announced in today's paper that they are going to go back and reopen their (3) Gates that they retained at Love Field and start flying from Love again as they feel Southwest is going to hurt them too seriously if they do not. One big fiasco.

Talked to Carolyn this evening - they are involved in the Annual Deer Hunt at the State Park - It is for a 3 day period. Carolyn said been colder than the dickens, she can not see how some of those hunters are staying in tents. She worked 12 hours yesterday and 13 today - plus she is coming in after the day is over and preparing food for the next day's outdoor cooking. We had a very short conversation as she still had a lot to do tonight getting food ready for the last day of the hunt tomorrow. This "cooking" for the Rangers is a volunteer project on her part - she is experimenting for one of her Demonstrations for the Public in the Spring. I would not want to be there - I can't stand to see a deer shot. Reminds me of when JR and I were first married - Dad, JR and probably some of the other "boys" had gone Deer Hunting on Thanksgiving and had a deer hanging in the Sycamore Tree. I had walked out in the yard and Dad said, "Janell come here and hold these front feet." I won't describe what he was doing to that deer - but I happened to look up and all I could see was those big eyes and here came the tears - I could not keep them back. Jr's Dad happened to look at me about then and said very disgusted "Janell go in the house." That was the end of him asking me to help "dress" a deer. So - I would not be able to handle the annual hunt at Caprock Canyons State Park. The hunt is to thin the deer so they can survive. If I had the funds - guess I would build a barn to keep those deer in for the winter rather than "thin" them. So much for this nonsense.

Hope all are well. Jr and Janell


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