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Bah Humbug! by Janell Rose
Where is everyone? Somebody please let us know how you are doing, latest news. Judy - you still have squirrels....Hope everyone is well - we think about you everyday. Love, Jr. and Janell
P.S. We have been terribly busy and it seems everything is falling apart at once. Trying to find an "old style" Receiver so can play CD's, DVD, Whatever- we don't need one of those new gadgets with "everything" in it as we have individual units - We just need to plug the ones we have in and our RCA Receiver/Amph. is over 20 years old and gone kaput - have found nearly impossible to replace. Need before "kids" come home for New Years - we could not use over Thanksgiving and I thought would get repaired or replaced before they come back New Years. (won't be here for Christmas) Plus the washing machine has a stream of water coming out from under. Guess time to go to Sears.


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