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The motherboard crashed and some of the postings were lost, so hope none of you missed out on the good messages.......maybe you're in the mood to refill it??? :)

Our Christmas plans have changed. Dear Hank said "you can all come here", so we are going there. At least, that's what Sybil said he said. :) Well, we're going! Sybil, the Van Woys and the Deming clan are all converging on 44th street tomorrow for the day. We're going to have SO MUCH FUN and just wish you all could be there. It's always such joy to visit Judy and Hank (and, no, I'm not trying to flatter them, it's the truth).

Eleven O'clock AM and I'm exhausted already, but I'm sure when the kids show up I'll get my second wind. I better, because I have some cooking to do!

Hope all of you are feeling great and will enjoy your Christmas, whether with family or with friends. Know that we will be thinking of you!

Merry, Merry and so much love to each of you!

Sandra, Jim and family


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