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Christmas & Beyond by James Deming
Hello dear family,

I had a very Merry Christmas this year. Courtney & I joined my parents and Stacia & Todd at Mom & Dad's house for Christmas Eve. We had a great time opening the 75 odd gifts that were piled under the tree, and overflowing into the kitchen. I think we all went a little overboard.

Christmas morning we got ready and drove to Judy & Hanks home in Tulsa and spent a great Christmas afternoon & evening with Judy, Hank, & Henry Tankersley, Sybil Downs, Julie, John & John Henry Van Woy, & Patricia Masters. We had a great time in our "Dirty Santa" games, and there were some pretty dirty santa's there!

Back to work this morning, and allready thinking about all there is to do in the new year. Wedding planning is in full swing with Courtney and I, and Stacia and Todd are in full baby planning mode. It will be a busy year. I have been doing a lot of Honeymoon research, and we keep coming up with new ideas on where to go. At this point I even hesitate to take a guess.

We have been talking about trying to plan a reunion in October if we can get it put together. It's been far too long! More on that later!

Everyone needs to be sure to reserve June 3rd for Courtney & I's wedding as you are all invited to attend, and we really hope to see everyone there! With the wedding whirlwind, I probably wont be able to spend much time visiting, but at least you'll be able to visit with each other!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and has a Happy New Year!


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