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Christmas is over - ho hum by Sandra

Hello Everyone,

Yes, we had a really great time with the Tankersleys, once Judy got over the shock. She had forgotten we were coming, until she checked Rosenose THAT morning and saw my note. She and Hank must have pedaled fast, because they looked great, as did the house.......just like they had been preparing for weeks. I say that because that is how long it would take me. :)

How many of you have your Christmas "stuff" back in the attic or closet? If you're finished, come and help me. I wish I had a closet big enough for the tree, and I would do like Judy and Hank do......just walk it to the closet and close the door. That would be sooooooooo nice.

Here's hoping 2006 will be a year of good health and bountiful joys for all of you. There are good things to come, I just know it!!! May all of you be richly blessed!



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