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Christmas Over - Not Yet by Janell Rose
Today, I finished my Christmas Shopping. Oh my - what a crowd - I can not tell Christmas is over for most people, there are so many shoppers. The stores are rapidly tearing down the Christmas Decorations and I suppose getting ready for Valentines.
Jr and I had a good Christmas - there were six of us - it seemed I had barely finished cleaning house before I started Dinner (because there are so many leaves falling from these 7 trees - especially the cypress - I left the vacumning until that morning and it took much longer than I expected. Seemed like I took half a bushel of leaves out of the house. I know that is not true - but what a mess this has been. Our leaves were mostly on the trees and still green till we had that ice storm in mid Dec. and now they are coming down in piles. Jr cleaned off the front porch and drive one day - the next, you could not tell he had done anything. So - now he is just leaving them for us to wade through until Sat. before the Family comes home. I brought Andy in a couple hours before our company arrived - he had so much cypress stuck on him, he had to be wire brushed and stuck in the tub for a quick bath.
After Dinner - we spent a couple hours playing Dominoes - even the two young men (20's - 30's - played this "old folks" game. When I took one of our friends back to the Assisted Living Center, I made a quick tour of Irving as she commented she had not seen Christmas Lights this year. This is so difficult - last Christmas she was living in her home and driving, came to visit us bringing Christmas Gifts.

Yesterday, we went to see Caty play in a basketball tournament. They played two games at 3 and 6:00 - her Team won both games. The last game kept us on the edge of our seat the whole time, going from 2 to 4 points ahead and then into Double Overtime. Those girls sure had shinning faces when that game was over. Eileen said they played 2 games today and won - so they are in the PlayOff tomorrow at 5:00 P.m. Jr and I will need to see this game. We have not seen many of Caty's games and Jaclyn's Swim Meets - usually wait for the Tournaments, the drive seems to get longer all the time and those bleacher seats harder on our backs.
All our Family will be here New Year's Eve. We will have our late Christmas after Dinner - so we can save New Year's Day for the Black Eyed Peas and Carolyn's Birthday. Will be so good to have all our family together again. Best Wishes to ALL for a Happy and Blessed New Year.


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