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What!! No mail again!!! by J. Tankersley
I am just about ready to give my computer away to welfare. It is of no use to me unless someone writes here. Oh well, I do get the stock market for Hank everyday, but that's no fun. Where is everyone? Are you just too busy? Sakes alive!! I'll just go work in my so-called garden!! At least I don't get lonely out there ... I have the birds and sometimes a bee! Be nice. Write once in a while. Please! If you read this Write a funny joke, a poem, just sign your name, anything to let us know you're still around.

Sybil, let us know the latest news on John Wes. I
know this is one of the hard times in your life, but let us know if there are any new developments. I'm sure there have been many prayers spoken for him, even from people like me.

Hank just came in and told me it's time to wash my hair and bathe for tomorrow's church. Shucks, I'd rather do this. Oh well, I'll write more later.

Judy T.


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