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Mom, you belly-aching again? by Leah Jean
Mom, you sure are gettin' awfully demandin' lately. :-) At least you have the type of weather down there in Oklahoma where you can get out and garden. But we can't complain up here too much because we've been getting descent rain lately ... and it hasn't been snow! At least we've gone back to our normal high temperature of low 40's. Whew! And the weatherman was "really funny" today. He was talking about how this time back in '96 we had had the big blizzard (actually 3 individual snows in a row) that dumped about 26" of snow on Maryland! Over 2 feet! I hope to never see that kind of snow again. That was the time government offices were closed down for 5 days. Of course the gov't people loved it because they got paid for not coming in. We contractors didn't. But I still enjoyed going out and shoveling snow. Er, that is until my back and arms started giving out. But the biggest problem was trying to go outside and not get snow in your boots or up your pants legs too far. When the snow comes up to your knees it does have a tendency to get a little tricky.

Happy holidays? Hrumph. The day before Xmas I was out in the garage helping my hubby install a trailer hitch onto his SUV. At least it was a beautiful high 50s that day so it was a pleasure to be out. But I did have to get on my back and slide under the rear of the SUV to help Daryl lift the heavy iron bar into place. The worst part wasn't having to hold the bar in place while Daryl tried to screw it in place. It was the pieces of dirt, etc. that fell on my face and upper body when we bumped the bar into the bottom of the vehicle while positioning it! Ugh! At least Daryl had been smart enough to get me a pair of safety glasses before starting.

And then ... to top it off ... I decided that it was too nice to go back inside. So I got my pruning clippers out and proceeded to trim a plant. Well, this was the second time I decided not to bother wearing my leather gloves. A few months ago I had trimmed a tall ornamental grass without gloves on. Unfortunately the blades are rather sharp. So my hands ended up looking like I'd been mishandling a lot of paper edges. Ouch! Lesson not previously learned, I told myself that I would take it easy with the pruners. Of course I started speeding up towards the end and managed to snip my finger tip instead of a branch! And it was bleeding pretty good. But it is wonderful to have a loving hubby around when you make a stupid mistake. He jumped into action and opened doors for me as I tried to keep things from getting messy. And then he went and got the Perioxide and some bandaids while I held my finger under the tap and kept debating "stitches or no stitches". I even got a little lightheaded one time! Geez, what a big baby I've become! And I used to draw blood as a medical laboratory technician for a living. And the wound wasn't hurting much. I also figured that I'd lost maybe enough blood to fill a small test tube (very little). We finally decided "no stitches" after I applied direct pressure for a little while.

Let's just say that I couldn't do much with my finger for a few days ... and that included typing on the computer.

And speaking of medical problems, I'd taken my cat to the vet's not long ago for a checkup and shots and found out that Tigre had a bad tooth. I wasn't really surprised because she had a weird way of rubbing up again my fingers on that side of her head. Of course, it required putting Tigre under for that kind of an operation. So after the operation I'm now having to nurse a cat who doesn't feel too good and can't chew hard food. She was doing okay for the last 3 days until today. Then she threw up and started dragging butt pretty bad. Probably having a reaction to the antibiotics or pain medication. Or maybe she couldn't handle eating all of the soft tuna I was feeding her. Good grief. I'll probably have to call the vet again tomorrow morning.

And as to New Years? I managed to sleep through it this year. The last few years I'd been awakened by fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood. And it scared me to death because I thought it was gunfire! Daryl, who was still up this year, said that we didn't have any people in the neighborhood doing it this year. Good!

Sorry to hear that Oklahomans were being cautioned not to shoot off fireworks this year. I've been able to follow in the national news about the bad drought Oklahoma and Texas is having this year. Last I heard the rainfall was 15" behind. Seems like all around you all the other states are getting pored on.

Well, the fingers are getting tired and I should probably go and check on Tigre to make sure she is doing okay. At least she's been a breeze to feed medication to since I've been mixing it in with her tuna. But that may be coming to an end. I'll probably have to call the vet tomorrow about her.



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