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Ahhhhhhhhhh! by Sandra
Hello Dear People,

"Belly-aching"? I haven't heard that term in years! It made me laugh, particularly since Ms Julia Tankersley, though highly prone to enjoying friendly political arguments, did very little belly-aching. Leah, I know you were kidding her! :)

How is 2006 going for everyone? Lost any weight yet? HaHaHa

Things are fine-o in the Pryor flatland. I've tackled something which seems to be like an octopus....tentacles everywhere!!! I'm painting and cleaning out closets. I chose to dis-assemble the worst one first and saving the better for last......not that it will be a dessert. This one had to be the one with the cherry on top. I've discovered things I had long ago forgotten about. For eons, anything I couldn't decide "where to put", I'd toss in that closet.

I hope I don't alienate my children. This week-end Todd was in CA for a family shindig, so Stacia came over to play with us. While here, I suggested she take some of her many momentos filling up her closet. Well, after her car was packed to the brim, she suggested to James via telephone that he might not want to come home while I'm in a cleaning frenzy. He's going to need a flat bed trailer to clean out his closet. Me? I'm drooling over the possibility of being able to actually see what is in my closets and to "see space".

The fence is back up! Yea!!! James came over Saturday to help Jim put the panels back up, and hopefully we won't have any more high winds for a very long time. We remain concerned about fires, and having the high winds and a fire visible from our house was, to say the least, nerve jangling.

Stacia and I rambled the mall in Muskogee Saturday. We had so much fun, but it seems we spent an inordinate amount of time in "infant" departments. THAT is dizzying!!! I didn't count our ooooo's and ahhhh's, but I later told Jim I'm going to have to be careful shopping with Stacia for baby things because I won't have any money left to count. It's a dangerous contagion! :)

A wedding and a baby.......Wow!!! It's all so exciting! Stamina, don't fail me now!

Well, I have a closet to put back in place. Take care all and have a wonderful week!!!

Love you all so much,


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