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Fires, blizzards, and cat's gizzard by Leah Jean
Geez, Sandra! You've got wild fires coming near you house? I'd rather take my chances with 2 foot snows!

Yeah, of course I was kidding my mother. I just can't resist being a bit of a stinker now and then. My mom is one of the nicest persons in the world and wouldn't hurt a fly. [How's that for corny old words.] Only Sybil could compete with Mom in that category.

Oh, and if you thought "belly-achin'" was bad, I actually called someone a "smarty-pants" today. Sigh. I'm showing my age ... and my lack of social tact. ;-) I wouldn't really have noticed but he came over later and asked, "Smarty-pants????" like I was really strange. Hey, if the jeans fit, wear 'em!

I think that I'm having sympathy pains with my cat tonight. I tried feeding her a little more of her antibiotics today and she obviously didn't feel good again. So my stomach started getting kind of knotted up too with worry ... and guilt for giving her more of the stuff. Just glad she didn't throw up again.

Aren't I just a delight tonight? Just be happy I didn't tell you about how I found where Tigre had thrown up last night. Yuck!

Love ya all,


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