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Just yaking! by Judy Tankesley
It's a quiet day at our house...cloudy and dreary...a bit lonely. Hank is cooking-up something fattening in the kitchen, so I gladly stay out of his way..until he's finished! He had his surgery and is doing great, so I guess he's a bit hungry. He loves his new girdle, which he has to wear while recuperating!

I am ready for gardening season and warm weather (I said warm weather not hot) and the great outdoors, although we can't complain about this season. It was relatively warm and pleasant, so far.

What's new about John Wesley. I hope it's all good news. I was so happy that they are giving him library privileges. That will help him a great deal to keep his santity. I expect to hear that he is on his way home one of these days. I know everyone is waiting for that day.


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