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Maters? by Leah Jean
Is there some running joke about maters? Is there someone called Alma Maters? [Okay, that's a really really bad pun.] Isn't it just a tad bit too cold still? Or does Sandra start them indoors? Maybe the weather has been so warm down there that you can probably start your gardens. But then there is a little matter of rain. I noticed that the Oklahoma/Texas regions have been getting a little. But not near enough.

Heard that my father is doing well after his back surgery. Anyway, I hope he is still doing well. Remember, Dad, easy does it. No golf club swinging until the doctor says okay.

And speaking of bad backs Daryl just went and bought another of those crazy new style mattresses. This is the one that you can control the softness by pumping air in or out of it. And we even have his and her controls. How romantic? Hmmmmm. At least this mattress only stunk for a few days. Unlike the other one (currently turned up in the closet) made of solid foam rubber. That one stunk for about 3 months. I wouldn't even sleep on it for about 2 months! I'm just hoping that Daryl likes this one. Of course, I rather liked the foam rubber one. But that is one mattress that is pretty stinkin' heavy! At least the air mattress one is pretty light.

It sure wasn't cold in Maryland today. The temperature hit a new high of 63 for this day! Yeah! But it was still a little too damp to be playing in the dirt. Fortunately, I have just about trimmed back every plant in the yard now in anticipation of spring. And speaking of spring, our weather up here this year has been abnormally warm (that's why I've gotten an amazing amount of trimming done this year). And this lack of cold has been great because we have had quite a bit of rain this year ... and very little snow. In fact, the only significant snow we've had was back in December.

Daryl the guru king (GK) just about got his royal butt kicked (in a loving sort of way) the other day. I know that I told you that Daryl is now mountain biking? Well, he was having a little bit of difficulty storing the bike in the garage without infringing on the "poop tray area" (where I change the kitty litter). And do you know what can happen to things that infringe on the litter area? They may start smelling like a poop tray. Either due to close proximity or from direct application ;-)

But anyway, GK decided to be his gadgety self and install a pulley system near the doors of our garage between the end of the two cars. That way he can hoist the bike up in the air when it isn't needed and bring it back down near the back of his car when he wants to use it. Okay, that's fine ... and kinda cool. But ... the one problem is that our trashcan occupies that part of the garage also. So Daryl has to move the can back and forth when he messes with his bike. Up until recently he had been pretty good with this. Sometimes I may have to kick the can out of the way to get around the end of my car. But the other morning I had the car warming up to leave and fortunately I checked my side mirror before leaving. Daryl had left the trashcan sitting in a rather precarious position between my car's rear bumper and the edge of the garage door! In otherwords, if I had backed out I would have done serious damage to the trashcan. But depending on how fast I had reacted to the mashing sound, I could have also done some nice damage to the side of the garage door! Sigh. I've already backed once into the garage door itself so I really don't need to be doing something like that anymore! So Daryl got the Evil Eye of Leah that evening. He just grinned sheepishly. Ya just gotta love 'em.

Well, the saga of the next door neighbor's son (about 30-40 years old?) still continues. The last time our neighbors went on an extended vacation, their kid set up house on their back porch with all his belongings on the front driveway. Jean had later told me that they had gotten their son straightened out ... again. But they were gone on vacation for a long time this month and guess who was back again? I answered the door Sunday around 10:00 a.m. and it was their son again. He didn't look too alert, was rather dirty, and didn't appear to be standing too well. And he was asking where his parent's house was. At first I was tempted not to tell him because I wasn't sure if his parents were back from their vacation yet. But I figured I'd better. I pointed and said, "Next door." I was hoping there wasn't going to be another episode of porch sleeping. But I decided a few minutes later to call our neighbors to see if they were home yet. They were home so I reported to Jack that their son had just been over to my house. A few minutes later I was running around the front of our house and noticed 3 cop cars with a 4th arriving in front of the neighbor's house. Good grief. Maybe that explained why Jack had gotten off the phone with me kind of suddenly. He'd probably noticed them too. Guess someone had called the cops on the kid. No telling how many houses he had gone to before ours. It's just so sad about people with addictions. I had to return some flowers I was baby-sitting back to Jean so I saw her for a few seconds today. And she was so thankful to see her Violets in good condition. Said that she needed something good to happen to her because she'd had a lousy day. I can only imagine. Sigh.



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