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Spelling corrections by Leah Jean
Ooops! Just went back and reread your e-mail, Julie and noticed you spelled them "mators" not "maters". Geez, I've been away from vegetable gardening so long I forget how to spell the slang terms for them little goobers. [Gag. Cough, cough.]

Also, Julie, how do you pronounce that lawyer's name? ;-) What's with the "Sh."? Is that supposed to be part of his professional title? [Geez, I'm asking about one little part of that humongous name???] You might as well have spelled his name out in Arabic letters and we would have understood it just as well. At least Wess has a lawyer with an impressive name. Or is that a typical name in Saudi Arabia?

Glad to hear that Sybil is doing pretty good, considering the circumstances. You all take care!



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