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'Mators or 'Maters? by Sandra
Hey, I'm not fussy. 'Mators or 'Maters do the same for me - make me lick my fingers in anticipation. I would love to be the maven of mators/maters, but I'm still trying to master the mix of moisture, mineral and midday sunshine to mass-produce magnificient monstrous models of marvelous epicurean mouth-watering delights. This dry weather isn't going to help, but it isn't stopping me from frothing at the mouth as I go through the gardening catalog. I am itching to get started. I always wait to buy tomato plants and get them in the ground by May 1 (that was Dad's advice, and he was a pretty good example, I think) - haven't had any luck growing tomatoes from seed. Just be patient, Julie! :)

Today is a beautiful day again. I'm still trying to get things sorted and put away after my closet frenzy. I've created a monster - all I can see is more cabinets and closets to organize, now that I can actually see some space in the closet I've been working on. What a pack-rat I've been, and my sentimentality fights with any good sense I have when I'm sorting. I don't dare just put it all back and wait for another day. A problem I'll have later is remembering where I put something.

Leah, just talked to your Dad and Mom and they sound like two young people having the times of their lives. I'm absolutely amazed at the great results of the surgery Hank had and so happy that he is feeling good. He said he just made some, if I had the time I'd go visit! :) He makes the best goodies!!!

Time to get my Vitamin D. I see some leaves that I need to gather up and bag. My garbage man will be delighted when I no longer have leaves. I've spared him by only doing two bags a week......well......uh.......actually it has more to do with my back and how I don't overdo anymore. At one time I would have been a raving maniac and wanted the yard all cleaned up pronto, but I've wised up.....I think. It's all behind the fence and the neighbors don't know. hee hee

Love you all and hope all is well. Let us hear!!!



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