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Queen of Aliteration! by Leah Jean
Whew! After reading that opening paragraph, Sandra, I dub thee Queen of Aliteration! I wonder how long and how often you used the dictionary or Thesarus to write that one! By the way, "aliteration" is about the only prose/poetic term that I actually remember from my English school days .... and remember what it means. I also remember something about "iambic pentameter" (spelling?) but could only give vague notions of what that was. I'm trying to think of a way to make a pun on "iambic" ... but not having much luck. What a truely weird term. Must be Latin.

And speaking of Latin, when I read your e-mail, Sandra, I thought about one of my favorite old descriptions I like to use: "waxing poetic". And, ironically, using the phrase always reminds me of John Wesley. He had corrected me ages ago because the term "wax" is Latin and you can't add "ing" to the ending of it. That is an English conjugation. So I should say instead, "Sandra did wax poetically"? But then it probably doesn't matter since I'm mixing Latin with English. But I never took Latin so I can run with "poetic license" and say whatever I please for the sake of art. [And that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!] Also I was never any good at pig-Latin for that matter. Just at being a pig. Oink! Sure glad I gave up cooking desserts like cookies. I'll leave that to Dad. :-)

Geez, I'm just meaninglessly meandering all over this marvelous message board editor today.

Aaaaaand she sells sea shells by the sea shore. [Sounds like she needs to get a life.]

Waxing idiotic,


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