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Careful what you wish for! by Leah Jean
Gibberish? Guess I haven't been checking the Rosenose lately because I missed it all. Oh geez. And my life is so exciting lately. Not!

I've been doing a parttime job lately because work for govt. contracters is very slim right now. With the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq helping, and [*** I'm not gonna make a snide political accusation here about the national budget ***] etc., the govt. is having to cut back on funds for government agencies. So those of us who work as govt. contractors are hurting for jobs right now. Plus my parttime job involves being on the computer at home a lot so I haven't been checking on Rosenose much.

And speaking of Valentine's Day, Daryl and I usually ignore it as a holiday created by greeting cards and flower industries. But this year was too hard to resist since I have extra time on my hands. I went and bought Daryl flowers: 6 red roses combined with some other pretty lilies(?). It's something I've been contemplating doing for years but it was just too perfect of a situation to pass up this year. He's in a small easily accessible office where he works with a good chummy group of people. But I now seem to have set a "new standard" though because now the men at the office are wanting their women to buy them stuff too ... not just the men buy their women stuff. I hadn't really thought of it that way. But Daryl did get a kick out of it. He's so cute when he's embaressed. :-)

Ah, do you remember, Sandra, when I said that I would much rather have 2 feet of snow instead of see a brush fire from my house? Well, I came kind of close to getting my wish last Saturday. If anybody has been watching the U.S. weather for the last week noticed that the northeast got hammered last Saturday with what is called a "Nor'easter". It is a somewhat rare event that combines certain winter weather related happenings to produce rather nasty results. Fortunately the really bad part hit further north in areas like New York. But we got our share! The weather people predicted 12-20 inches of snow for Maryland. And I would say that our area got at least a foot and probably more. It was kind of hard to tell since it was rather windy when the heavy snow hit and this produced a lot of drifting. But generally I would say that the snow came up to the upper calf of my leg on the driveway.

Talk about a workout shoveling the snow though! Fortunately the snow blower helped a lot. I did have to cut a path down the driveway first though so Daryl could get the blowing started. Hey, you try to shovel a thick layer of snow all the way down a driveway! Whew! And then we are legally obligated to clear our sidewalks too ... but I don't think the county govt. is really too picky when the snow is this deep. We also helped out 3 of our neighbors some because they are older or don't have snow blowers. One of our older neighbors has a blower but it wasn't heavy-duty enough to handle the depth of the snow. It's kind of funny because you get to see all your neighbors but you don't have a lot of energy or time for talking.

Of course, we all cleaned off our driveways and sidewalks only to have the neighborhood snowplow come through and plow snow over onto the sidewalks and driveway ends again. Sigh. And this time it was pretty significant amounts that were packed hard! So it takes even longer to get the snow blower thru that mess. And of course, we had to help the neighbors again some. I didn't even think of touching the deck in the backyard that day because I was too exhausted! The deck had quite a bit of snow on it also.

The good thing though is that we've been having an abnormally warm winter. So when the snow hit the ground it kind of melted and the streets cleared pretty quickly after being plowed. Of course there was the usual ice in the mornings when the melting snow froze. But the weather turned quite warm for about 5 days after Sunday and ... believe it or not ... almost all of the snow is now gone! You only see little bitty patches here and there. Yeah! Usually it would take several weeks if not months to get rid of a snow this deep.

So, all in all, we didn't do too bad considering that the snow occured on a Saturday and was almost all gone by the next Saturday. I was kind of worried that we'd get more heavy snows that would pile on top of this snow. Whoo-hoo!

The worst part is that I don't seem to have lost any weight. Okay, that is partly because I developed some muscle weight back up. But it will probably go back to fat in a few more days. Sigh.

Love ya all!


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