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Nothin' much by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on August 19, 2004 at 16:38:04:

Geez, Janell, you seem to be doing all the messages lately on the Rosenose. Wish I was around to give you some help with all the boxes because I could stand to loose some weight and get off my tush. But I also have a bit of a bum knee now due to my bum of a husband. ;-) He got me on local bowling team for a few months because they had to have a female. But I'm no bowler. Unfortunately, since I wasn't doing the ball launching technique right I put more pressure than necessary on my left knee so it is now kind of shot. [Oh .... you're supposed to sliiiiide on the toes of your left foot?] At least having a constantly sore knee didn't affect the gardening too much since it has been either raining or muggy around here a lot this summer. And the 2 middle fingers on my left hand stayed sore pretty much the whole couple of months while bowling too. Doesn't really make me want to go out and prune those bushes much. Sigh. And some of the guys on the team wanted me to get a heavier ball? I did try a 14 pounder (mine's about 10) for one practise game and couldn't use my right hand for the n_e_x_t 2 d_a_y_s !

Of course, after getting the lawn sprinkler system put in it has still been raining fairly frequently this summer. We had the threat of those 2 latest tropical storms coming this way but they turned out to be nothing much ... at least for our house anyway. The first one did dump a good 2-3 inches of rain in about a day but the next one pretty much skirted the coast and we only got a little rain out of it. And almost no wind! Whew! That was just fine with me because a lot of the areas around here were getting flooded. And if you think driving in serious rain is fun, try driving in Maryland traffic at the same time also.

But I shouldn't be talking about other Maryland drivers though because I am a rather aggressive driver myself. Amazing I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in my life. Two warnings though. [And after saying that I will probably get one this week.] :-0 Daryl does get on my case a little so I do try to behave when he is in the car with me. Hmmmm. I wonder if being a speed-demon isn't in the blood since Jeff used to motocross and Henry used to do road racing. Unfortunately Jeff was never much good at it because his motorcycles were clunkers and almost never made it to the finish line. Henry did okay. I always remember the time though that we were at an Oklahoma race track where they were throwing an opening party (Henry, Cindy, and I knew the owner of the track). And they were letting people take the "pace car" around the track for fun. I said that I wasnted to drive but Cindy didn't want to. But she road with me and it was so funny because she was vigorously coaching me on when to brake and when to hit the accelerator! And she didn't want to drive? Sheesh!

Oh, and speaking of dangerous driving. The other day I was coming home and I saw this little white thing fall out of the left part of the sky, hit the road in front of me (about 10 ft. in front), and then bounce high off into the air to the car's right. [Remember that we live on a golf course.] It didn't take me long to realize a golfer with a very nasty hook (is that the one that goes real left?) had just hit. I rolled down my window as I went by the group on the tee and yelled at the golfers "You almost got me that time!" while grinning. It was even funnier because one of the foursome pointed decidedly at another guy in the group. What a snitch. I just had to chuckle. :-) Daryl did tell me later though that one person in our neighbor had had her car hit by a golf ball and it had put a hole in her radiator. Oops! What some of us suffer through to have a nice backyard view.



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