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Crash! by Leah Jean
Daryl had an interesting lunch the other day. He's been working 8 to 12 hour days for 3 weeks (Saturday and Sundays included) to get a proposal for a government job done. Well, he finally got the project finished up this Thursday so he and the others who helped him went out to a nice celebration lunch on Friday. They went to a popular restaurant situated in a large old textile mill converted to an artsy mall. Well, this mall is notorious for having minimal and tricky parking. And being a Friday, Daryl said that cars were parked everywhere possible on sidestreets around the mall, etc. While in the restaurant some lady came around the tables asking if anybody owned a white Lincoln. She didn't seem to find the person in the restaurant from what Daryl saw. But later, when Daryl was leaving, he got to find out why that lady was checking around. On some side streets where everyone had parked along every part of the curb possible (even on the corners inside a small intersection) sat what was probably the Lincoln and a semitruck. Apparently the truck had had difficulty turning in the intersection and had decided to take a "short cut" ... whether out of frustraction or totally by accident. We may never know. :-) Part of his truck had rolled over the trunk and roof of the car so that the trunk and roof were crushed in!!! Daryl assumed that this was the car in question because it was white ... he wasn't sure what was left was a Lincoln. And he said that it appeared to be a rather new one at that. Crash!

And speaking of crashes, Daryl and I have watched at least one of the films going up for Oscars this weekend ... "Crash!" It reminded me very much of the movie "Bad Santa" in one respect. The first half of the movie was almost painful to watch because you didn't like the main characters at all. But into the second half you really got drawn into the issues and problems of these characters. "Crash" is also one of those compicated ensemble pictures where there are several individual stories that sometimes interlink with others. In fact, I was glad that I had Daryl beside me because I needed him to straighten out a few plot twists as we watched. The movie was very full of painful and inspiring human insight. An excellent script!

And speaking of Oscars and excellent scripts, there is one other film I've been meaning to mention for some time. I've seen the one famouse scene from "Sunset Boulevard" many times. The one where the real-life actress playing a burned out over-the-hill actress says, "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Deville." while gliding ghostlike towards a news camera. It is very obvious that this character is several bricks shy a load. Well, a few months ago I finally sat down and watched that film from beginning to end ... and all I have to say now is, "Wow!" Talk about some amazing writing and acting!

Just wish we could get someone as good as Billy Crystal to host the Oscars again though.

Love ya all,


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