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Wedding, The Flu, & Netflix by James Deming
Well the wedding is getting closer and we are getting ready to start addressing invitations. The whole family is invited, the wedding is on June 3rd in Tulsa. We'd love to see everyone come. We have a lot of invitations to fill out, the guest list is up to 403, we have 178 invitations to fill out so far.

We have started planning the honeymoon. We will be spending 2 weeks in Northern California. We purchased our airline tickets yesterday. We plan on spending 5 days in San Francisco, and the rest touring wine country, the coast, redwoods, etc.

I came down with the flu on Thursday, so have been hanging around the house the past few days. Courtney has been feeling under the weather as well. I think I'm getting better, I haven't had a fever in a couple of days, but I am still pretty congested.

Leah, you mentioned Netflix. Mom & Dad, Stacia & Todd , and Courtney and I all have netflix. We utilize the friends list to see each others rental queues and make reccomendations to one another. This weekend Courtney and I watched "A Very Long Engagement" - enjoyed it - "North Country" - Really enjoyed it - and "Jarhead" - it was allright.

Well I'd better go get some rest, I am going back to work tomorrow, and will need all the energy I can get. Love you all!


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