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Movie discussions by Leah Jean
Ah, yes. The one big subject that everyone can get in on ... movies! Don't we just love 'em and love to hate 'em! That's just about all I really want to watch on TV anymore because most series just don't have much in the way of plots and character development. But of course, there are the arts, history, and science shows that are good too.

I forgot that my husband now has the Blockbuster mail DVD service. He had Netflix for a pretty long while and then decided to try Blockbuster's service. He likes Blockbuster better now and dropped Netflix. [He actually had both of them at the same time for a few months. Good grief!] Probably because he gets a faster mail turn-arounds (due to location of their warehouse?) and we get coupons for a few free rentals from local Blockbuster stores. We don't use the coupons very often though because we actually have to DRIVE there and back. Oh, how spoiled we have become! ;-) But when we get a messy snow day or get desperate for entertainment we use them.

Yes, I may get around to seeing Motorcycle Diaries too. It apparently did very good at the Cannes Film Festival and got good reviews from the critics. Having earned a degree in Political Science many years ago though, I did study Che Guevera along with South and Central American history. He was apparently quite the revolutionary and very charismatic. I think he was buddies with Castro for awhile? But they went their separate ways later. Communism definitely looked good to those people who were abused and oppressed. Unfortunately, communism is an idealistic form of government that usually ends up as a dictatorship. And without those checks and balances it let's people such as Stalin into positions of power. Oh well. So while I would be interested in seeing a movie about Che Guevera, I already kind of know what will become of him later on. Hmmmmm.

Movies do bring out the critic in all of us! Once I mentioned the movie "Sunset Boulevard", my sister Cindy started e-mailing me directly to talk about our favorite old movies. We had fun bringing up such titles as ...

"My Girl Friday", Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. Great fast paced humor! You can't be tired to watch this sucker.
The "Pride and Prejudice" movies old and new. Lawrence Olivier was in a wonderful old version of this. Keira Knightly just won an Oscar for another recent remake of this Jane Austen classic. I just ordered the miniseries (with Colin Firth) sent to my sister (from so she could enjoy it too. Its about 5 hours long and a wonderful period piece. One of my all time favorites!
"The Women". Cindy and I really got off on Joan Crawford being such a nasty gold-digger. I know of 2 different old movies done from this stage play. One of them is rather interesting because there are no men actors in the whole movie. Either version is very good.
"The Little Foxes". I do believe this was written by Lillian Hellman who was very famous for excellent dialog and intricate characters. [I think that she might have written "The Women" also.] It features Betty Davis as a really cold and opportunistic wife. Brrrrrrr! Ms. Davis was also really good in "Mr. Skeffington". I've never seen her as being beautiful though so that one aspect of the movie was kind of hard to grasp.
"The Great Race" with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Natalie Woods. Okay, this isn't all that old because it is in color but it is a wonderful older movie! I just watched it again a few months ago after having not seen it for aaaaages ... and I laughed so much! Jack Lemmon stole the show as one of the most dispicable bad guys ever to wear a black handlebar mustache! Tony Curtis was great as the "oh so perfect" hero. Again, the plot and dialog were unbelievably entertaining. The cinematograph and special effects was excellent too.

Well, enough babbling. Got other things to do!

Love ya all,


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