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My hero, James! by Leah Jean
Geez, I wish more people could be as fast acting as you are, James! Of course, people probably come onto this web site for the first time and keep wondering why I have these messages asking for your help. :-) Oh well.

By the way, good luck with your convention ... er ... wedding! I'm sure Courtney is getting herself one hell of a good man! Anyone who would take the time to run a family web site and be so consistently good at responding to screw-ups like me has got to be aces. Hopefully your wedding will go off without a hitch unlike the previously mentioned "wedding from hell". But then as I said before, some of the best memories are from SNAFUs. As long as they can be laughed at later, that is.

"Thanks ... for the memories. Da da da da da da ...."
[A singalong with the late great Bob Hope.]



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