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Younger Crew by Leah Jean
At last! Someone of the younger crew that I have actually meet in real life! Stacia, I would ask how it is going, but obviously it is going better. Seventy hour work weeks as a nurse? Ugh! And that ain't easy work usually. I used to be a medical laboratory technician and periodically had to do "ward rounds" on top of my regular work days (going from patient to patient drawing blood in a hospital). I just remember being pretty derned tired after a week of that and I still wouldn't have come close to your hours.

I am still trying to talk myself into seeing "Brokeback Mtn". But I just don't like movies that show a lot of pain and suffering ... especially when it is caused by prejudice. That's why I really didn't want to see "Crash" at first either. But I was glad I did (Daryl had ordered the movie thru Blockbuster). It always annoys me terribly when people have to be mean to each other just because someone is "different". Unfortunately, prejudice can take many forms and can be hard to avoid. It is a rare person who can exhibit politically correct behavior all the time. And prejudice is "in the eye of the beholder" to a large extent. This was shown very vividly in "Crash".

And speaking of pain and suffering, I have trouble watching movies like "Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan" too. I have to kind of force myself to sit through them because they are on the "must see list" of all time great movies. After the first gruelling 1/2 hour of "Saving Private Ryan" though, I did have to leave the theater for approx. 15 minutes just to calm myself down! I just couldn't take watching that much carnage!

Then there is the other type of "pain and suffering" movies I very rarely watch: horror films. I couldn't even handle watching the dragon in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" when I was a child. So I RARELY go to movie theaters for those type of films. I did go to see the original "Alien" in a movie theater ... because it was critically accclaimed as an excellent movie aaaaand my brother Henry was going with a "really nice" friend of his (I was about 17 and definitely found Henry's friend interesting). After about the first 1/2 hour of THAT movie I waited outside the theater for those 2 to come out! I barely made it through the famous John Hurt exploding stomach scene but high-tailed it when the monster started getting bigger. What some of us will do for love. Sigh. But what was annoying though was that some woman came rushing into the bathroom (where I was waiting out the film) with her young daughter (about 10?) because her daughter had developed a bad nose bleed! Some parents have absolutely no sense. Or she had no idea how scary and violent the movie was going to be. And the nose bleed wasn't stopping so they rushed back out again to who knows where. Boy, was I glad when that film ended and I got to go home. Sometimes men just aren't worth that much trouble! [By the way, I did end up dating that guy later.] :-)

Later ya all,


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