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One Hot Cat! by Leah Jean
Julie V, you talk about your memory going? I never had a memory ... or so I like to tell people when I can't remember a name. And sorry to hear about Wesley. Poor guy! Please keep us updated further in the future.

You also mentioned another great old movie, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Wonderful old piece that I can't resist watching whenever I see it on TV. It really sizzles! Paul Newman and Elizabeth Tailor are like two tigers warily circling each other and taking the occasional swipe with a paw. But that's only one of the perpetual cat fights going on through this film. I was really impressed with Burl Ives' performance as the dominating family patriarch. I was so used to watching him doing kids films as a sweet old guy. He ain't so sweet in this film! The other main characters were all very strong in this film also. It is really amazing how well you get to know them in such a short time. Good old Tennessee Williams had such skill with writing!



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