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Boston Legal? by Leah Jean
Sorry, Jim, I haven't been watching Boston Legal. But apparently it must be a good show because, if I remember correctly, it was up for some Emmy awards at the last ceremony. In fact, wasn't William Shatner up for one of the awards? I'm shocked at that because he always was such a mediocre actor. At least that's what I recall from the old "Star Trek" episodes. Guess he's gotten a lot of acting lessons in between then and now, eh? Or maybe it was just one of those affectionate "life time achievement" kind of votes. :-)

Tammy Wynette singing her most famous song? Yeah, that's a good one and I'll bet it was a kicker for an episode. It was probably for you like an old episode of St. Elsewhere for me ... where several of the cast were having dreams and doing some pretty weird stuff. The one guy had a dream that was like a music video with ZZ Top in it! It was funny! ZZ Top did their thing just like in a typical video (like rotating their guitars) and the one guy was strutting to the tune of "Well Dressed Man" with a couple of tall and very good looking women through the hospital. I just loved it.



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