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Let it rain, let it rain, but forget the hail! by Leah Jean
Well, we are finally getting some rain around here! Considering we just had a very dry March, April is turning out much better. Okay, we'll forgive a few low dips in the temperature.

We had one storm squall pass through through Maryland recently ... and it was a nasty little bugger. I was at home and saw the clouds coming so I knew it was heading straight towards our home area. I have like to move into the basement when something really nasty comes along because of all those big windows in our house and being from Oklahoma (part of tornado alley) makes me a little nervous. I was downstairs with the also nervous cats when I started hearing the hail hitting the windows. It was pretty loud so I figured it wasn't just little bitty ones. And I was hoping that Daryl was staying late at work because it was around 5:30. But he wasn't.

Daryl said that it was still sunny over in his area when he left work. It wasn't till he was part of the way home that he saw the really dark clouds .... and he hoped that he wouldn't run into them. But he did. :-0 And it was on the 4 lane Highway 70 coming out of Baltimore which is pretty stinkin' busy at that time of the day. Those clouds were producing some rather significant hail about large marble size. Daryl says that being in a hail storm in a car is really scary because it sounds like your car couldn't possible take that much punishment without the windshield breaking! One guy later on the news described it as soundling like you are being shot at. And this was a pretty intense storm squall. Daryl said that people were seeking refuge under the bridges along the highway ... which of course was causing traffic blockages! He said that he managed to get through one of those points finally and got himself home. By that time he was rather stressed out and also rather worried that his SUV had sustained a lot of body damage. [It was kind of ironic because Daryl had a few days earlier just been talking about the high cost of having a few minor scratches and dings fixed on his SUV.] But I went out and ran my hand over the hood of his very wet SUV and didn't feel any dings. Amazing! And I haven't heard any bitching from him lately so he must have found the same thing. :-)

So if you ever want to get Daryl's blood pressure up, just mention the word "hail".

Love to all,


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