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Since a main computer program is down here at work, I thought I might as well post something. Sandi and I have been tied up with a sick family member (Sam the cat). Sam had a bout of pancriatitis, and was three nights in the hospital, but is home and doing well now. Would you believe Tulsa has a hospital just for cats? Sure wish Sam was on the group insurance policy!

I worked this weekend on repairing storm damage to our privacy fence. It was 99 degrees here yesterday, and I was mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow. I'm getting too old for this.

We watched "A History of Violence" this weekend. I thought it was very well done, but a very weird and disturbing movie. I would never have thought Ed Harris could play such a scary guy. His roles are always nice guys.

Hope everyone is well. Please post. Anything will do; it helps relieve the boredom at work!


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