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Busy, busy, busy! by Leah Jean
Well I'm glad to hear from the Demming men since spring is here and everyone's fancy turns to ... mators? In other words gardening, sports, and anything else a part of the great outdoors! Okay, a fire alarm wasn't exactly what I had in mind though. James, at least you got to eat your lunch while enjoying the weather. And sushi! Yum!

My hubby is definitely working on his golf swing and his baseball bat swing lately. Unfortunately he pulled a muscle the first game our company softball team played when making a dash for a plate. But it obviously wasn't that bad because he told me the next evening that he did pretty descent in a golf tournament that day. Husbands.

Oh, and James, speaking of Ed Harris always playing good guy roles ... [I just loooooved him in the "the Abyss"] ... I guess you haven't seen "the Truman Show". Okay, you could argue that he was still awfully smooth (and from my point of view sexy). But he turned out to be a rather self-serving SOB as the plot progressed. Men. "The little darlings" (a bit of sarcasm from "the Philadelphia Story?).

Well, the good new is that I am finally slated to start a new fulltime job in about another week or so. The bad news is that you all may not be hearing from me as much on Rosenose in the future. I've heard that the work could be heavy. But I will keep trying to put in a word or 2. Or 3 or 4 ... or 5 or 6 ... [ad nauseum]. Work. Sigh.

By the way, Daryl just told me that him and his friend said that this will be their last season for playing softball. [His mid-30's friend developed a swollen knee after their first game of the season.] They've decided that they are too old anymore. But this comes from 2 guys who still go out and ride mountain bikes. We'll see.



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