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JR and the Skirt by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on August 25, 2004 at 14:22:18:

Forgive me for putting on one more note - the more I thought about this - the funnier it got - could not resist sharing - Laughter is good for the Soul.

I gave my old computer/printer to one of our Sr. Citizen friends.(We don't fit in that Sr. category) June immediately started having problems with the computer and started calling me. "Could not find Modem." I did not know what to do - went back, picked up and called "Gus," a young man that was the Data Processing Manager where I last worked. He said he would come pick it up and try to get working. Since he had to drive several miles - I thought I had time to run to the store. When I got back - his car was in front of the house. I came in and found Jr. uncomfortably talking to Gus, who sat on the sofa in a Kilt prettily sitting on his crossed knee. I could hardly keep a straight face because of the look on Jr's face. As Gus got up to give me a hug - Jr. skedaddled to the garage. And stayed in the garage altho Gus stayed for about two hours visiting. Gus is a very, very bright young man that sees life a little differently. I learned to appreciate him a long time ago. As many years as I worked - you learn to be tolerent and accepting. Jr didn't appreciate the very cute "Kilt" he called a skirt. At least this time Gus didn't have the long pigtail he used to have - had a nice short haircut with an earring.


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