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Not being a "fair lady" by Leah Jean
"Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!" [I think that's the right amount of "damns".] Before anybody starts getting offended at my opening line, just let me say that this is a quote from the musical "My Fair Lady". Richard Harris delivered those words with such power ... and humor. ;-) Let's just say that I was doing "my version" of that line just a little while ago (without the humor) ... and I'm sure you all don't really want to know what I actually said. I'd just finished a nice long msg for the Rosenose and was adding some very last final finishing touches when ... Shazaaaaaaam! I managed to delete the whole *#@#$! thing! There was one caveman in the old B.C. comic strip that used to express himself very similarly to what I felt: "Aaaaaaaaaargh!"

Okay, let me see if I can remember what I previously wrote. Well, as long as my fingers hold up anyway. The one thing I really miss on the editor in the Rosenose msg page is an "undo" feature. [Hint, hint.]

No, I haven't started my fulltime job yet. That should start happening next week. Typical govt: in a hurry to get you in but it takes for ever to get through the processing. But I'm still enjoying my parttime status. And this last month it was extremely parttime. [My initials LL could easily have stood for Lazy Lump.]

Jim, I do want to see the movie "Good Night and Good Luck" directed by George Clooney. Sounds just up my alley: politically thought provoking and idealistic. And I've been becoming more and more impressed with Mr. Clooney lately. Saw him a few times last weekend making the news show rounds trying to drum up support for a large group of Sudanese refugees. They are the victims of abuse and starvation. Their enemies seem to be interested in killing them all off one way or another. Not a pretty sight. George and his journalist father had put together a news clip with the goal of getting pressure put on the govt. of Sudan. I'm still waiting for George to run for President. After that speech at the Oscars, this movie, and his humanitarian efforts, he's got my vote! And no, it wouldn't be because he's so good looking and smooth. But it doesn't hurt. :-)

Also thanks for the warning about the "Forty Year Old Vigin". I thought that Ebert and Roeper had given that film thumbs up in the past. So I'd kind of been looking forward to seeing it. Maybe I will rethink that. I'll just have to wait and see what Daryl comes up with in his queue of rental DVDs. E & R had also raved about "Something About Mary". Well, neither Daryl nor I were too impressed with that film. Too silly at times.

James, I really got a kick out of going to yours and Courtney's wedding site ... which leads to the stores that have your wedding registrations. Talk about making life easier! I got to sit at home and select what I wanted to send you two. And this gave me the perfect opportunity to repay a member of your family for keeping this wonderful web site available! So have a good and fun wedding! Sorry but I won't be there. Hubby has one of his bigger golf tournaments that weekend. Sigh.

Cindy my sister has apparently been very busy and fiiiiiinally got around to answering a few e-mails I had sent her. But she's in "hog heaven" [where DO these sayings come from?] right now because the Turner Broadcasting Station (cable's TBS) is featuring Betty Davis movies. I finally got to watch the old black and white movie the "Petrified Forest". I didn't realize that was Betty with Leslie Howard in the lead roles. But I did remember that Humphrey Bogart was in that film too. He did some of his best acting as a nasty but not necessarily evil gangster. I remember catching that film a couple of times about halfway through and got really interested. So I got to watch it all the way through this time and found it amazing! I think this was the film where I fell in love with Leslie Howard. He played such a maudlinly fatalistic intellectual. He could match Betty Davis for expressive eyes though. One amazing thing about this film was that it presented a blackman with a stronger role ... even though he was a gangster. That's pretty amazing for way back then.

Well, my fingers are just about done in.



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