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All curled up! by Judy Tankersley
I have my hair washed and looking beautiful in rollers. It's Saturday night and no where to go but to bed. But I'll look beautiful for church tomorrow!!! All eighty one year old ladies look beautiful, don't they? Well, I'm going to try as hard as I can. Most of my class with their thick lenses can't tell the difference, anyway. But It's still a great life!

You can tell I'm just full of interesting things to write, but I must write to remind everyone of this great space and the opportunity to let us know what you're doing, too, even if it as uninteresting as I am. I like to read any thing if it's from my great family. Even if you're not a great doesn't matter. You should see me type...hunt and peck...And, oh yes, I remember I once had a professor who admitted he had never been able to spell, and he couldn't! But he was a great teacher.

I'm sitting here getting homesick to see all of you out there. I have my hair in rollers for church tomorrow, so I'm glad you can't see me. Yuk!

Enough of this crazy chatter. Miss all of you and love you. Judy T.


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