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rain by Julie V
A person would think that will all of this rainy weather one could be watching movies and crossing them off...but visiting ROSENOSE, I can't keep up with my list--it keeps growing! Ma has most of her garden in (she's feeling great)so we are happy to have the rain.

John Wesley's "trial" started May 1 and what a joke. The Embassy (who had received permission to attend from the Attorney General of Qatar)was turned away at the door by the judge (a real hard-nose, we hear)--"top secret". An Iranian interpreter at the hearing made us doubt John's attorney--inexperience and incompetence in these types of charges; not to mention that he cannot speak English and wants an enormous sum of money up front...we are in the market for legal counsel, pronto. Today we are making contact with a female Arab attorney in Washington DC that sounds very interested in the case and we have the name of a good criminal defense attorney in Doha that we are trying to reach. Things don't look good at this point. We have heard a couple of reports that John is not holding up terribly well, losing weight; the solitary confinement is wearing on him we fear. But an occasional note from John shows that he remains optimistic and has a good amount of fight in him. Nicholas is leaving for Doha this week and will be working on the case from that end and hopefully seeing his dad.

I will try to keep everyone updated a little better. Of course, Aunt Sandra could update me!
We are eternally grateful to this wonderful family!


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